Nothing could have prepared me…

Welcome back is an understatement. It’s been a looooong time since posting any words here. Not that I’m sure there aren’t things to talk about but time is in short supply at certain times of our lives.

The title of this post depicts what’s been happening in the Headquarters. Nothing could have prepared me for the last year. Not my education, not my work experience, not my life experience, not even any lessons from my parents…

There’s lots to catch up on and we will get there. It’s a new year and my theme for 2020 is Re-birth. For starters…fitness…that’s usually the go to topic in this blog so let’s start there. There’s a lot to start from scratch with. Starting with fitness is my comfort zone.

June will bring another 100 km road bike ride and July will bring the Penticton Fondo which is always a fun event with friends and family! Sooooo…let the warm up to training begin.

Princess Headquarters – always evolving…

Let’s get something straight – humour has always been the common thread that has continuously been woven through our living and writing at PHQ. That will never change. But since we’ve been diagnosed with on-set 50’s, our lives, along with our humour has evolved.

PHQ hasn’t changed in its wit or candor but our purpose has shifted to include a new angle on real life. And so I bring you…

Princess Headquarters – chronicling the on-set 50’s nightmare of a middle aged legend.

I’m talkin’ about changes in family, in jobs, in our home, in our relationships, in our children, in our fitness and especially in our health! As in…what the hell is being peri-menopausal anyway?!

Lots of info to kick off this next chapter in my personal novel that seem to have the length of War and Peace. But first…I bring your this brief video that seems to sum up the on-set 50’s attitude…

Day 60! Yahoo!!!

Challenge completed 🙂

I am no expert and I don’t have proper authority to pass on any information but…

One thing I learned along this journey is, whatever you do, don’t ever make your life miserable with your own actions. Meaning…keep certain things in your life to help you stay happy.

For example…I was given a food program to consider following for a 30 day period…this program said that all participants had to give up:
1 – sugar
2 – gluten
3 – carbs
4 – coffee
And get this…5 – ALCOHOL?!!!

I ask you?! Why would anyone give up all that? Even for only 30 days?

My philosophy combines creating good habits and being happy on every journey.
Taking away coffee for 30 days only to start drinking it again doesn’t create a healthy habit.
If you like coffee…drink some coffee!

I ate and drank all 5 of the items in the list and am a happy person at the end of 60 days of cardio.

I even lost 10 pounds 🙂

Like I wrote…I’m no expert but being happy will always win 🙂

Thanks to my supporters and my family for your help along these two months! My work is not done yet and the next chapter will be written tomorrow.

Today’s tally:
60/60 – my go-to ever loved stationary bike for 30 minutes of cardio!

Stay tuned for my next Challenge!!!

Day 59 – One more day!!!

Wow – second to last in my Challenge!

Had an amazing hike with a bestie for today’s cardio – and wow did we have to work 🙂

It was terrific to get in such a grind of a hike along the trails and river where I live.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s completion of my Challenge. Gosh – I can’t believe I’m a day away?!

Today’s tally:

59/60 – Hike for 60 minutes 🙂

Day 58 – Still truckin’ along…

On day 58 with only two more days to go, I’m very reflective on how I got to where I am with my habit for fitness and my cleaned up diet.

It’s hard for me to believe I started this nearly 2 months ago. All of the stars aligned for me to get started and my efforts have paid off.

I feel way better and like I wrote, my habits have changed.

When I am on a plane in three days and this Challenge has ended, I will be developing my new Challenge.

I may not blog everyday but I will check in to see how my amazing supporters are doing.

Today’s tally:
58/60 – my trusty stationary bike came to my rescue for my 30 minutes today!

Day 55 – Skipped my way to 30 minutes :)

Had a great workout this morning in a cozy outdoor space that I was able to skip in and do a bit of my Moga and a smidge of strengthening. It was nice and cool and the sun was coming up over the mountains.

Looking forward to these last 5 days of my Challenge. Although this Challenge will be completed, I will be taking a new Challenge on the road with me as my summer travel schedule kicks in.

I imagine the new Challenge will be more muscle strength based with a lesser amount of cardio everyday to keep things simple. But some experts do say that more intense minutes of cardio for less time can be very effective!

I’m hoping to keep my diet clean as I travel which can be tough. But of course, just like this Challenge, I will be wholly committed to the next one 🙂

Today’s tally:
55/60 – 40 minute circuit with 30 minutes of skipping included!

Day 54 – It’s been 8 weeks?!!!

I can’t believe it’s been 54 days and 8 weeks of better fitness, food and health!

I had a great run this morning in the city while visiting my beautiful family. I got out in time before the heat sunk into these hot August days.

Today’s tally:
54/60 – 30 minute run 🙂

Day 53 – The countdown is on!

Only 7 days left to my 30 for 60 Challenge and I’m feeling relief and I’m feeling a little anxious about what is next…

My fitness habit is ingrained in my daily routine again and I’m thrilled about that.
My diet has become fine tuned and between both my fitness and my food, my long term health stands a better chance.

So glad I put this Challenge together!

Today’s tally:
53/60 – Stationary bike for 30 minutes 🙂