Days 36 – 42 completed while traveling!

Well halloooooooo!

What a week it has been for my 30 for 60 Challenge! As I promised myself, I took day 36 off so that I took the pressure off myself while I traveled on that day. But while I was away I didn’t have access to this blog and so couldn’t post my updates.

I did too activities for my week of travel. One was running and the other…you won’t believe this one but…I spent three days behind a walking lawn mower cutting knee high grass for hours at a time. I was exhausted!!! And so my cardio for those three days was more like 3 hours instead of 30 minutes each day.

The grueling grass cutting was a labour of love for my family at our cottage. It was great to see the result and get all that exercise at the same time.

So…I’m on track with my Challenge and tomorrow is another travel day but will see some cardio no matter what 🙂

The week’s tally:
36 – 42/60 – 3 days of 30 minutes each of running. 3 days of mowing an acre of land!

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