Day 55 – Skipped my way to 30 minutes :)

Had a great workout this morning in a cozy outdoor space that I was able to skip in and do a bit of my Moga and a smidge of strengthening. It was nice and cool and the sun was coming up over the mountains.

Looking forward to these last 5 days of my Challenge. Although this Challenge will be completed, I will be taking a new Challenge on the road with me as my summer travel schedule kicks in.

I imagine the new Challenge will be more muscle strength based with a lesser amount of cardio everyday to keep things simple. But some experts do say that more intense minutes of cardio for less time can be very effective!

I’m hoping to keep my diet clean as I travel which can be tough. But of course, just like this Challenge, I will be wholly committed to the next one 🙂

Today’s tally:
55/60 – 40 minute circuit with 30 minutes of skipping included!

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