Group workouts aren’t for everyone…

Staying fit and having generally good health are both uber important things. Our health is everything and if you don’t have that, well you just aren’t healthy 😉
This princess strives for a healthy life but has had a tendency to keep the workouts to solo efforts. Being in a room full of sweaty people, grunting and groaning to the beat of another person’s playlist is not a desirable situation in the least.

This princess stepped out of the comfort zone and did the scariest thing possible…go to a workout class. Now, some would say that doing something that scares you is good to do once a day. Turns out, this was not one of those scary things to confront on any day.

Although the workout itself was not scary or hard to do…it was the bumping into the others because we all can’t get the instructors moves figured out in the tiny room that made it hard to think that a healthy workout was actually happening. Self admittedly…a sense of timing and spacial awareness would go along way to help this princess in a group setting. The phrase “it’s not you, it’s me” was uttered more than once.

No matter if you enjoy the group setting or a solo workout…remember to stay fit, have fun doing it and keep it all in perspective. Create you own healthy life to match who YOU are!

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