Day 60! Yahoo!!!

Challenge completed 🙂

I am no expert and I don’t have proper authority to pass on any information but…

One thing I learned along this journey is, whatever you do, don’t ever make your life miserable with your own actions. Meaning…keep certain things in your life to help you stay happy.

For example…I was given a food program to consider following for a 30 day period…this program said that all participants had to give up:
1 – sugar
2 – gluten
3 – carbs
4 – coffee
And get this…5 – ALCOHOL?!!!

I ask you?! Why would anyone give up all that? Even for only 30 days?

My philosophy combines creating good habits and being happy on every journey.
Taking away coffee for 30 days only to start drinking it again doesn’t create a healthy habit.
If you like coffee…drink some coffee!

I ate and drank all 5 of the items in the list and am a happy person at the end of 60 days of cardio.

I even lost 10 pounds 🙂

Like I wrote…I’m no expert but being happy will always win 🙂

Thanks to my supporters and my family for your help along these two months! My work is not done yet and the next chapter will be written tomorrow.

Today’s tally:
60/60 – my go-to ever loved stationary bike for 30 minutes of cardio!

Stay tuned for my next Challenge!!!

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