First Blog Post…

Hello and welcome to the Headquarters.  These aren’t just any headquarters…these are THE Headquarters.  The Princess Headquarters.

Follow us as we contribute to your lives with stories from adventures lived, loved and laughed about.  We are a small organization with a big heart and we will take every opportunity to feed you with helpful information and mostly, just try to make you laugh at how life throws us curve balls everyday.  We have a mandate and we have high standards…not just anyone can call themselves a princess.


Any Princess will have a quiet confidence, charm, love, elegance and a lofty sense of humour.

They will work their mind and body with an unbreakable integrity. They will play intensely with a

passion for fun and adventure. They will face all challenges in their life with open acceptance.

With all of these components they will live life to the fullest…Carpe Diem!

Remember that every day is a new opportunity. Embrace the changes and the sameness.

Most of all, please live your life to your full potential.  You deserve nothing less.

And keep that sense of humour close by…you’re gonna need it to get through it all!




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