30 for 60 Challenge gets started!

What am I getting myself in to?!
A princess in distress leads to a movement toward better health…

A shoulder injury left this gal with little option for cardio workouts in the last year and my physical state is certainly showing it. So I snapped yesterday and decided that I’ve got to take things into my own hands and get me accountable for my actions. As in…physical fitness actions.

As of this morning I started a 30 minutes of cardio per day for 60 days challenge. I’ve given myself 3 freebie days in the next 63 days which is how I’ve made it a 60 day challenge.

So…with a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio per day but not restricted to that number…I can workout more…I can add stretching…I can add strengthening…I can add planking (only if really need be!).

Let’s throw in a more clean diet just because if I’m doing this…I’m doing this!!!

I did a weigh in too…not sure I really enjoyed that much but at least I’ve got some hard data (more like squishy tissue) that I can compare as I travel on this path.

So…here is today’s report…

Day 1/60 – 20 mins on the stationary bike, 15 mins bike ride with my son and 15 mins stretching. 40 second plank needs an honourable mention 😉

I’ll check back in tomorrow…for now…this princess is signing off!

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