Day 2 – what was I thinking?!

Well…it was inevitable…the enthusiasm was not exactly the same as day 1 of this challenge. Only 58 more days to go – geez.

A new section has been created for each day: “Lessons learned along the way to better fitness”…
1 – close the blinds before starting workout to avoid landscapers watching.
2 – although chammy shorts seem like a great idea for better comfort on a bike, getting in to them is a bit like getting sausage into a casing. And be prepared for the psychological strain of seeing yourself in the chammy shorts. You’re better to just look away.

Sooooo…with motivation in short supply, I rallied by starting with 15 minutes of dancing – that’s right – dancing in my kitchen! It wasn’t sweating to the oldies…it was oldies sweating in spandex!

Here’s today’s tally…
2/60 – Dancing 15 mins, stationary bike 15 mins, stretching 10 mins and strengthening/legs 20 mins.

Princess Mess is on to day 3!

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  1. Jennifer Herbert says:

    I’m dancing with you sista!!
    Bay City Rollers, tiara and all!!!
    You have always been my inspiration for fitness, one of the best
    and the best sister in the world!
    I want everyone to know, you are way more than a princess !!
    You are the dancing queen ❤

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