Day 3 – Cut down on the quinoa kid…

Hello! I’m feeling pretty good about things today but first and foremost…let’s talk nutrition.

I had an enormous quinoa salad yesterday for lunch thinking that I was being jettisoned into good health and well being. Until the part when I was having meetings an hour later with people and trying desperately not to fart into the vinyl chair I was sitting in that very well could have reverberated me into complete humiliation.

It got worse when I tried to do some grocery shopping later in the afternoon and had to keep darting from aisle to aisle so as to not leave a wave of stink behind. Got the groceries in record time as a result. Not bad, right?

My workout was terrific today! Stationary bike and get this…SKIPPING! That’s right…I skipped! I had a vision of me being all fit and toned like Million Dollar Baby. Then I saw myself in the mirror and reality smacked me. Hard.

Lessons learned…
1 – Quinoa should be ingested only if NOT meeting people after.
2 – Skipping requires a more supportive sports bra!

Today’s tally…
3/60 – stationary bike 25 mins, skipping 5 mins, strengthening/legs 20 mins.
Honourable mention…plank 45 seconds 😉

Princess Mess is on the move – see you on Day 4!

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