Day 4 – Made it with the minimum!

Helllooooo! Had a busy day planned but that doesn’t mean I didn’t get my 30 minutes in!

Here’s a wee Princess confession…finding time and planning when to get my commitment done is still daunting and unfamiliar. But I do plan enough ahead the night before and leave my workout clothing ready to jump into. I even leave fresh water by my stationary bike the night before so that I can get ‘er done in the AM – if that’s when I reckon I can do it. It’s only day 4…my strategy is still a little loose! A bit like me?!

So far, I still feel motivated and confident that I can do this 30 for 60!

Here is today’s tally…

30 minutes on the stationary bike. 10 minutes of stretching. 60 second plank! That’s right – you heard me – PLANK!

Princess Mess signing off until Day 5…

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