Day 6 – My kingdom for a carb!

This princess is seriously missing the pleasure of the empty caloried carb load – why did I tell myself to dwindle down the diet?! Remember the days when we would eat a bag of croutons? Or enjoyed fresh bread with butter? Or how about a beef dip?!!! All that bread, beef and jus with onions falling out on to the plate. Mmmmmmmmm. So good. Those were the days 🙂
Whoa – back to reality!
But…here are the new days with more clean food and less carb food! I can do this! I think. With some will power. And a lock on the pantry.

Here is today’s tally:

6/60 – 30 mins on the stationary bike, 15 mins of strengthening in the legs and abs, 10 mins stretching.


Kick those carbs to the curb Princess Messy! See you back here tomorrow when it will be a whole week since this madness began. Ouch.

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