Day 11 – Chips and cake and a party – oh my!

So my youngest is having his birthday party this afternoon and so brought chips, flavoured popcorn and cheezies into our lives! I can’t believe how much temptation is sitting in front of me?!

Geez – what I wouldn’t do for a bag of Sour and Cream and Onion chips! Just look away…don’t make eye contact.

And of course this being day 11, which is still super early in this quest to make it to day 60 – my want to deter from my carb-less life is on high alert!

I can do this. I can do this! I think I should be able. Probably. Maybe. It’s still early. Not sure now.

Today’s tally:
11/60 – stationary bike 30 minutes and another 100 second plank just to get the core fired up!

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