Day 15 – puts me 25% done :)

Well what do you know?! Princess Mess is one quarter finished the 30 for 60 challenge and boy does it feel goooooooood!

I’ve had a nagging pain in my foot that I’ve figured out is attributed to wearing ridiculously flat and useless flip flops. So I put an end to that today from buying quality flip flops. My foot is already a lot better. It doesn’t help that I want to wear flip flops, or no shoes at all, even when it’s snowing. I’m hoping this will get me to 60 days with a lot less wear and tear and pain on my body.

And so I continue forward with my challenge and I’m psyched to be get through the next week 🙂

Today’s tally:
15/60 – 30 minutes on the stationary bike to keep me moving and loosen up after my run yesterday.

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