Day 20 – No weight loss but no big deal :)

It’s ok. No problem. No worries. Sometimes when we start out on a new fitness routine and diet change ups, our bodies need time to adjust and maybe the weight doesn’t come off consistently, or quickly for that matter.

It’s a looooooong road for me and better health so I don’t feel badly that I weighed in this morning and I’m still the same as I was at the last weight in ten days ago.

The great news is…I didn’t add any pounds!!!

The fantastic news is…I feel a lot better than I did and I’m on my way to better health in a consistent fashion.

So I would call today a success – especially since it’s day 20 of 60 and I’m ONE THIRD of the way to my challenge end date! WHAHOOOOOO!

Today’s tally:

20/60 – stationary bike for 30 minutes 🙂

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