Day 52 – Another circuit completed!

I’ve had to rotate some of the exercises around my circuits to make things fresh this week.
Unfortunately where we live, there is a lot of smoke in the air outside from far away forest fires. I wish I could go for a run but that would be a bad decision since the air quality is not so great.

Sooooo…instead I continue my Challenge with kick ass circuits doing crunches, band work, stationary bike for 30 minutes and a lot of planking!

Today’s tally:
52/60 – 60 minute circuit 🙂

Day 51 – Still in it to win it :)

Wow! In to single digits on my countdown.
I had a really long Moga and stretch session today and did another 60 minute circuit that I switched up a few things to keep it interesting.

I still have 11 days until my end date but I may reach my goal sooner since I haven’t taken my other two days off that I had allowed in the schedule. That’s why I’m only 9 days from finishing.

Stay tuned…I may be done sooner 😉

Today’s tally:
51/60 – 60 minute circuit and Moga!

Day 49 – Running sure is easier now!

I had a 40 minute run that felt remarkably better than when I ran in my first week of this Challenge. But then some of it makes sense that when I had my weigh in this morning, I was 13 pounds lighter than when I started.

I have to admit, I can see the difference and I feel the difference now. With still 11 more days to go, I hope I can continue to shed just a couple more pounds and get me closer to my initial goal. But hey…if it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t mean I will have stopped my pursuit of better fitness and health!

Today’s tally:
49/60 – 40 minute run!

Day 47 – Circuit and hiking with friends :)

What an amazing day! I was able to get a proper circuit completed so that I could get some solid strengthening exercises in. My physio for both my shoulder and my hip are going really well. My hip actually isn’t in any discomfort anymore but I’m continuing my strengthening on it so that it will keep getting stronger.

And a real treat was taking a hike with some friends to Cheakamus Lake – which was nearly a 10 km round trip and 14,000 steps according to my health app!

Wow! What a day! So grateful for a sunny day, awesome workouts and beautiful hiking 🙂

Today’s tally:
47/60 – 60 minute circuit and 10 km hike!

PS…I’m tired!

Day 46 – Nearly didn’t get my 30 in!

I had all great intentions to run today after a relaxing Moga session planned but work kept getting in the way and I was seriously running out of time!

And then the heat of the day crept in and there was no way I was going for a run. So…I pulled off 30, ridiculously sweaty minutes on the stationary bike just so I could make my goal.

The best thing that has happened to me on my way to better health and fitness is my urgency to get my 30 minutes in to my day. It’s not stressful by any means and it’s a good reminder that what I’m taking time to do is ultimately what will always keep me sane!

Today’s tally:
46/60 – 30 minutes on the stationary bike!

Day 44 – I’m in to week 7…

So I forgot to mention that I was meant to have a weigh in day while I was away last week and instead decided to defer until the next weigh in. I can tell from the last weigh in that my wieght loss is gradual and mostly I feel waaaayyyyy better than I did and my excercise habit is back and where it needs to be 🙂

Today’s tally:
30 minutes of higher intensity stationary bike!

Day 43 – It’s been 6 weeks!!!

6 weeks completed?! Can you believe it?!

I had a great 30 minutes of stationary bike after a long week of travel and it felt great 🙂

I will likely do the same tomorrow since I ran three days last week.

The 30 minutes everyday is proving to be completely attainable, even while travelling!

Today’s tally:
43/60 – Stationary bike for 30 minutes!