Days 36 – 42 completed while traveling!

Well halloooooooo!

What a week it has been for my 30 for 60 Challenge! As I promised myself, I took day 36 off so that I took the pressure off myself while I traveled on that day. But while I was away I didn’t have access to this blog and so couldn’t post my updates.

I did too activities for my week of travel. One was running and the other…you won’t believe this one but…I spent three days behind a walking lawn mower cutting knee high grass for hours at a time. I was exhausted!!! And so my cardio for those three days was more like 3 hours instead of 30 minutes each day.

The grueling grass cutting was a labour of love for my family at our cottage. It was great to see the result and get all that exercise at the same time.

So…I’m on track with my Challenge and tomorrow is another travel day but will see some cardio no matter what 🙂

The week’s tally:
36 – 42/60 – 3 days of 30 minutes each of running. 3 days of mowing an acre of land!

DAY 35 means 5 WEEKS completed!!!

Can you believe it?! 5 weeks in to my challenge and I feel great and have definitely put workouts back on my life map.

I had a solid 30 minutes stationary bike ride to finish my 35th day. And get this…


That’s right – I will be travelling all day tomorrow and have chosen to use one of my three days off to cover the day.

I’ll be right back at it on Monday but I may not be able to post here regularly until next weekend. Not sure about my wifi situation where I’m going 🙂

Thanks for all the support along my journey. It’s not over yet – still 4 more weeks.

Today’s tally:
35/60 – 30 minutes stationary bike

Day 34 – One day away from 5 weeks!

I had a modified circuit today which means I did all of my cardio on the stationary bike but was still able to do all my regular added crunches, planks and hip strengthening.

My Moga felt great today before starting my workout. I have to admit I felt a little sluggish today. But my motivation always comes through 🙂

Today’s tally:
34/60 – 60 minute circuit including 30 minutes on the bike!

Day 33 – Trail Running Again :)

After a 30 minute Moga session with physio I went for a peaceful trail run. I was able to run for 45 minutes and it felt great. After getting home I stretched a bit more and the good news is there is no pain in either my hip or my shoulder. Thanks to the fitness gods!

Today’s tally:
33/60 – Trail run for 45 minutes with 30 minutes of Moga 🙂

Day 32 – Still at it!

Got my minimum in with a 35 minute stationary bike ride. It’s tough to juggle the summer days with work, two kids and getting my workouts in. But keeping the goal to 30 minutes a day has made it all achievable!

Today’s tally:
32/60 – Stationary bike for 35 minutes!

Day 31 – Crushed a circuit!

Terrific workout today! Felt great and I’m armed with better knowledge moving forward…

I went to see my physio yesterday about something other than my shoulder. My left hip has been in a bit of discomfort on and off for a few months. I had injured it 20 years ago but it has held up great for a long time. Now some of you might say “well, if you weren’t working out so much and if you gave it rest it would heal”. Not so fast!!!

Turns out that since I took so much time off from my fitness, combined with compensating for my left shoulder injury for a year that my hip isn’t as strong as it was and it needs help with getting stronger. I was given a few strengthening exercises to do.

I already stretch and do my Moga so point proven that the flexibility is there. Just not the strength.

Lesson learned…listen to your body and go seek professional help. Period.

There are many days gone by that I would have self diagnosed and said…just stop and let it rest. But it turns out that not moving is the worst thing I could do.

Doesn’t mean I’m cranking it all up a notch and taking this challenge to depth con 5. But it does mean that I am laser sharp focused on my entire being getting back to a healthier version of myself.

So for now…let’s just keep on keepin’ on 🙂

Today’s tally:
31/60 – 60 minute circuit!!! Crushed it like a bug 😉
I upped my skipping to 15 minutes and brought the cycling down to 15 minutes. 300 crunches, 3 x 45 second planks and a new leg strengthening routine got thrown in with my arm routine.


Can’t believe I’m half way to my goal?! I feel like it went by in a flash but I sure do remember every minute of every workout.

I barely had time to squeak my 30 minutes in today – I only just completed my workout.

I weighed in and the scale says I lost another 2 pounds which makes 7 pounds lost in 30 days. I’m happy to be a few less pounds. I certainly feel better 🙂

Thanks to all my supporters who have given me encouragement along the way. It means a lot!

Today’s tally:
30/60 – 30 minutes on the stationary bike.

Day 29 – Brought it down a notch

Happy Sunday and how about day 29 is done 🙂

Just a simple 30 minutes on the stationary bike was an easy decision for today’s cardio. I didn’t need to push any limits today so instead I stayed within my minimum and had a peaceful bike ride. I also did a few minutes of Moga just to stretch it out and breath deeply.

Tomorrow is a big day…I end the first half of my challenge and it’s a weigh in day. Stay tuned…

Today’s tally:
29/60 – Staionary bike for 30 minutes 🙂

Day 28!!! Four Weeks?!

When I had set out on this challenge I have to admit, I was naive but headstrong to get my fitness and health on a better path. I’ve achieved so much along the way. Lots of lessons learned. Here’s one to share with you…

I had seen a couple of posts of fitness gurus saying that apple cider vinegar is good to drink to help with inflammation. I tried the green tea concoction that was suggested and it was DISGUSTING. Holy moly! Maybe it’s just me but I do not recommend that at all.

If I have a problem with inflammation, I’ll just use ice and Ibuprofen.

Only two days until another weigh in. I don’t have high expectation of much weight loss. I suspect a bit of fat may be a smidge of muscle now. I guess we’ll find out!

Today’s tally:
28/60 – 45 minute circuit with a whole lotta strengthening!

Day 27 – Waaaaaaay better day today :)

What a difference a day makes. In mind, body and spirit 🙂

I did some Moga this morning while watching my 9 year old building Lego. It was relaxing and felt terrific to stretch out and breath deeply. I was completely set for my cardio.

I went for a 35 minute trail run along the river and it felt really good from head to toe.

My running is far more efficient now and flows a lot better. I think between 35 and 45 minutes will be plenty of running for me these days. Gone are my spontaneous 10 km run on any given day – which is not a bad thing!

I can’t believe tomorrow will be 4 weeks completed…time has flown by!

Today’s tally:
27/60 – 35 minutes trail run with 15 minutes of Moga 🙂

Have a great day out there!